ATO SHD 47RE/48RE Diesel Automatic Transmission
ATO 47/48RE Transmissions are Redesigned to Withstand and Handle the demand of
todays Big Torque, Big Horsepower Diesels. Much of the Improvements came from
years of building 727 Torque Flite Transmissions for Competiton Drag Racing for
Improved Speed and ET with longer run time. Years of research and testing has
enabled ATO to design the Optimum Fluid Circuitry to Protect the Bands and Clutches
from Premature Failure along with Improved Converter Clutch Apply for more efficient
Clutch Lockup to prevent Clutch Failure under extreme conditions. ATO builds Longevity
into the Planetary by System Incorporating High Thrust Load Needle Bearings to Eliminate
the Heat and Friction that's common with standard thrust washers.

ATO 47RE/48RE Dodge Diesel Transmission Parts
• Assembly on Overdrive Unit along with Red Alto Clutches and Machine Finished Intermediate Shaft
• Direct Clutch Drum set up with Seven HD Clutches over 4 or 5 OEM for improved holding capacity
• Billet Steel Input Shaft and Hub made from Aerospace Alloy Steel

47RE, 48RE, A618 Input Shaft and Hub for the Big Torque and
Horsepower and Multi-Disc Torque Converters.
• Hub is made from 4140 HTSR Steel and Heat Treated for Hardness.
• Shaft to Hub Spline Increased from 28 to 35 for 25% more Surface Contact.
• Input Shaft Machined from High Quality Aerospace Alloy Steel and Heat Treated.
• Tested to 2,700 ft/lbs. of Torque.

ATO offers a Billet Steel Direct Clutch Drum and Billet Aluminum Piston.
The Kit comes with 15 Springs, One Retainer, New Steel Pressure and Seals. Drum uses 5 frictions.

This Billet Steel Drum Package is a must with any power plant making 400 or more ft lb of Torque.
The Stock OEM Drum is made from Cast Iron that is not made to withstand High Torque and Horsepower.

727 • 518 • 47RE • 48RE • 618RE - For Improved Performance and Longevity
Billet Aluminum Dual Sealing Ring Servo and Accumulator With Billet Steel
4.2 Servo Lever, Anchor and Band Strut Kit.

ATO 47RE/48RE Dodge Diesel Transmission Assembly Photos :: Before and After

Assembly on 47/48 RE Overdrive with new Thrust Bearing and Sprag Unit

48RE Assembly
• Assembly with New ATO Steel Band, Steel Strut and Anchor.
• Quality Control Built into every Tranmission
• ATO Low Drag Front and Rear Planetarys with Needle Bearings

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